Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Unprecedented Threat to American Democracy

Event Details

Sept. 30

5:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Donald Trump’s Unprecedented Threat to American Democracy: Is he deliberately igniting our Cold Civil War?

Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein will share his perspective on the damage done to our democracy and threats to our constitution by Trump

Few journalists have achieved the fame and legendary status of Carl Bernstein, who is said to have set the standard for modern investigative reporting. Bernstein received his first Pulitzer Prize in 1973 when, together with Bob Woodward, he was credited with taking down the Nixon administration through revelations of Nixon’s direct connection to the Watergate scandal. The work of Woodward and Bernstein was called “maybe the single greatest reporting effort of all time“ by legendary journalist and former NYTimes national editor, Gene Roberts. It was Carl Bernstein who cultivated the infamous “Deep Throat” which became key to the investigation which led to Nixon’s resignation.

Bernstein has authored or co-authored seven best-selling books, the most recent of which was the definitive biography of Hillary Clinton.

Bernstein’s career since Watergate has continued to focus on the theme of the use and abuse of power. He recently investigated hundreds of Trump’s telephone calls with world leaders, and revealed devastating information about Trump’s total lack of preparedness or familiarity with the subjects at hand, and the undiplomatic, self-serving, and otherwise inappropriate content of the calls.

Bernstein has also done reporting for television and opinion commentary. Bernstein is a regular political commentator on CNN.