June 30: Congressman Ted Lieu and Kathleen Belew

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June 30

5:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Join two leading experts to learn how our military can be a breeding ground for extremism and white supremacy. Prof. Belew & Cong. Ted Lieu

About this event

Congressman Ted W. Lieu

Congressman Lieu represents California’s 33rd Congressional District and is currently serving in his third term. He sits on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Cong. Lieu has established himself as a leader on the environment; cybersecurity; civil liberties; government ethics and veterans.

Cong. Lieu is a former active duty officer in the U.S. Air Force where he served in the JAG corps. He currently serves as a Colonel in the Reserves. Cong Lieu has received numerous medals for his outstanding military service, including the Air Force Humanitarian Service Medal and multiple Meritorious Service Medals.

He has been an outspoken proponent for tackling climate change. The first bill Ted introduced after coming to Congress was the Climate Solutions Act, which aims to make California’s ground-breaking renewable energy goals and climate emissions reduction targets a national model. In 2019, Ted introduced an even more aggressive version of the legislation in order to tackle society’s most pressing issue.

Cong. Lieu has been a leader in Congress against ethnic and racial profiling, and discrimination against the LGBT community. He serves as Whip of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Vice Chair of the LGBT Equality Caucus, and Co-Chair of the Cloud Computing Caucus. He is also a passionate advocate for housing for homeless veterans, and he introduced legislation to retrofit vacant buildings at the West LA VA campus to serve homeless veterans.

Prior to serving in Congress, Ted was elected to the California State Assembly in 2005 and the State Senate in 2011.

Cong. Lieu and his family immigrated to the United States from Taiwan when he was three years old. His parents went to flea markets and sold gifts and jewelry to make ends meet. Ted’s family went from being poor and not speaking English well to opening up a gift store where Ted and his brother would help out in the family business. After many years of perseverance his parents were eventually able to expand to six stores. With the support of hard-working parents and a country that provided limitless opportunity, Ted would go on to attend Stanford for his undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Political Science, and then Georgetown University, where he received his law degree magna cum laude after serving as Editor-in-Chief of the law review. Ted also received four American Jurisprudence Awards.

Professor Kathleen Belew

Kathleen Belew is a research fellow at Stanford University, an assistant professor of history at the University of Chicago and an international authority on the white-power movement. She is the author of Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America (2018), and the forthcoming books Home, at the End of the World: A History of the Present and A Field Guide to the History of Hate, co-written with Ramón A. Gutiérrez. She has also written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, CNN.com, and Dissent.

Belew graduated with a degree in the Comparative History of Ideas from University of Washington , and both a master’s degree and doctoral degree in American Studies from Yale University. The current focus of her research is race, racism, the white power movement, and militarism in twentieth-century America.

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