February 15: David Frum with Patt Morrison

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February 15

5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

A Conversation with Noted Pundit David Frum – Tainted Politics, Extremism and Apologists, Is Cowardice Contagious?

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David Frum

David Frum is a Canadian-American political commentator and a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, who is currently a senior editor at The Atlantic as well as an MSNBC contributor. In 2003, Frum authored the first book about Bush’s presidency written by a former member of the administration. He has taken credit for inspiring the phrase “axis of evil” in Bush’s 2002 State of the Union address. Frum formerly served on the board of directors of the Republican Jewish Coalition, the British think tank Policy Exchange, the anti-drug policy group Smart Approaches to Marijuana, and as vice chairman and an associate fellow of the R Street Institute.

In his recent book, Trumpocalypse, David Frum looks at what happens when a third of the electorate refuses to abandon Donald Trump, no matter what he does. Those voters aren’t looking for policy wins. They’re seeking cultural revenge.

According to Frum, it was not enough to defeat Donald Trump on election day 2020; Frum predicted, prior to the election in which Trump was defeated, that the damage Trump inflicted will distort American and world politics for years to come.

David Frum has ideas of how America can and must be better to restore the norms of our democracy. In Trumpocalypse, he warns of danger and also provides a guide to reform .

A citizen of Canada, Frum attended Harvard Law School; after graduation, he returned to Toronto as an associate editor of Saturday Night. He was an editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal from 1989 until 1992, and then a columnist for Forbes magazine in 1992–94. In 1994–2000, he worked as a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, as a contributing editor at neoconservative opinion magazine The Weekly Standard, and as a columnist for Canada’s National Post. He worked also as a regular contributor for National Public Radio. In 1996, he helped organize the “Winds of Change” in Calgary, Alberta, an early effort to unite the Reform Party of Canada and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

Following the 2000 election of George W. Bush, Frum was appointed to a position within the White House. He would later write that when he was first offered the job by chief Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, “I believed I was unsuited to the job he was offering me. I had no connection to the Bush campaign or the Bush family. I had no experience in government and little of political campaigns. I had not written a speech for anyone other than myself. And I had been only a moderately enthusiastic supporter of George W. Bush.”

While still a Canadian citizen, Frum was one of the few foreign nationals working within the Bush White House. He filed for naturalization and took the oath of citizenship on September 11, 2007. Frum served as special assistant to the president for economic speechwriting from January 2001 to February 2002. During Frum’s time at the White House, he was described by commentator Ryan Lizza as being part of a speechwriting brain trust that brought “intellectual heft” and considerable policy influence to the Bush Administration.

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