Jews United for Democracy and Justice 

America stands at a pivotal crossroads.

With serious threats to America’s democracy posed by nationalists, populists and other non-democratic candidates and forces, America at a Crossroads has offered weekly programming continuously since 2020 to encourage activism and passion to combat these threats to our American democracy.

Through our weekly virtual town hall series, America at a Crossroads, we focus on combating authoritarianism and preserving American democracy.

Who We Are

Jews United for Democracy and Justice is a nonpartisan collaboration of people of all faiths, or none, dedicated to combating authoritarianism and preserving democratic principles and justice in America.

We stand at a pivotal crossroads at which our American democracy is in serious jeopardy. We aim to engage and educate citizens of all faiths to mobilize to preserve American democratic values.

JUDJ achieves its mission through its flagship project, America at a Crossroads.


America at a Crossroads
Invites YOU to Join Our Weekly
Pro-Democracy Forum

We invite you to participate in America at a Crossroads, where America’s foremost journalists, political analysts, election experts, and elected officials come together to discuss crucial issues facing our democracy and threatening our core values.

This isn’t about one group or ideology; it’s about building a broad coalition to fight against authoritarian forces and ensure a democratic future for America.

Join a diverse and growing audience united by a passion for democracy. Engage in our virtual discussions, expand your understanding, and influence change.

Who is JUDJ?

Jews United for Democracy and Justice (JUDJ)  was formed in 2017 in direct response to threats against democratic, constitutional principles. JUDJ educates and mobilizes to counteract extremism, polarization, and the undermining of democratic institutions.

Join a Community of Changemakers

Whatever your political affiliation, if you are invested in preserving democracy and in seeking to learn more about the critical political and voting rights issues of the day, America at a Crossroads welcomes you.  While we began as a group of American Jews, our America at a Crossroads audience has expanded to include thousands of people of all faiths or none who believe in the value of preserving the freedoms intended by our American constitution and democracy. 

Shaping a Just and Democratic Future

We invite individuals from all backgrounds who share our commitment to democracy and justice. Together, we can shape a future that upholds the values of tolerance, equality, and respect for all.

Especially in 2024, an election year, please consider joining us and getting involved in this movement toward positive change.

Our Actions and Impact

Discover JUDJ! Our weekly town hall forum provides valuable, critical information and education to help Americans engage more deeply in the issues which shape our elections and our communities. 

We also provide our subscribers and audience members with connection to vetted non-profit organizations which promote free and fair elections and which encourage voter registration and community engagement. 

We promote justice and democracy.  Find out how you can participate in these meaningful endeavors.

Get Involved – Your Way

Register to attend our America at a Crossroads weekly impactful programs.

You can become a great advocate for our democracy! Staying educated and informed makes you a great spokesperson and advocate to fight against hate, bigotry and authoritarianism.

Visit our Activism page to find ways to volunteer to promote voting rights and voter registration.
Your involvement can help drive real change and foster a more just and democratic society.

Stay Informed, Stay Engaged.

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David Lehrer

It is with profound sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our dear America at a Crossroads partner DAVID LEHRER.

His death leaves our leadership team, our entire America at a Crossroads family, and the community at large bereft. David’s life and his memory are and will always be a profound blessing.